Our training area covers more than 30,000 square meters, making it one of the largest in the Rhein-Main region.
As we are located on a large parking lot, our facility is specially designed for practicing basic driving situations.

Traffic lights

There is a complete traffic light intersection on the traffic practice area.


With numerous parking bays, we offer you the opportunity to practise one of the most important parts of driving: Parking! Sideways, forwards and backwards.

Narrow alley

A drive through the narrow alley allows to get acquainted with the dimensions of the car.

40 Km/h route

We offer you a track where you can drive up to 40km/h.

Traffic signs

We have put up a few traffic signs that mainly deal with the right of way.

Starting on an incline

Small inclines offer the opportunity to practise starting off while rolling back.



Subject to change without notice.