By driving on the site you accept these rules of use:

1. The Traffic Training Area (VÜP) is a private facility where any modification or restriction may be made at any time from the operation, provided that it contributes to the maintenance or safety of this facility. Use of the Traffic Training Area grants permission to take and publish photographs and other visual material for publications of any kind.
2. The use of the traffic training area is at the user's own risk and excludes any liability for damages on the part of the operator. Each damage is to be borne by the causer or the own liability insurance (this concerns both damage to the own vehicle and damage to the provided equipment of the place).
3. Neither the practicing driver nor the VÜP itself is liable for damages, but the accompanying and supervising person.
4. The participation in our offer requires that the driving person is accompanied by a driver's license holder. It is strictly forbidden for the accompanying person to leave the vehicle during the practice, except for two-wheelers. The accompanying person must be aware that any action performed by the driver is under the supervision of the accompanying person and therefore also under his/her responsibility.
5. The provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations apply accordingly on the VÜP. This applies in particular to the observance of the set up traffic signs, as well as the road marking and the speed limit of 30 km/h, unless otherwise signposted. You may only ride on asphalt surfaces, not on grass or gravel surfaces.
6. All property damage and personal injury occurring on the VÜP must be reported immediately to the groundskeeper by those involved in the accident. Further instructions will follow there.
7. Everyone has to follow the instructions of the supervisors immediately. The supervisors are entitled to expel offenders. If these instructions are not followed, further legal consequences must be expected.
8. For the use of the VÜP a fee is to be paid at the cash desk or to the groundsman. A receipt may be issued for each payment transaction.
9. Order and cleanliness must be maintained on the site. Any contamination or pollution (e.g. by oil) must be removed immediately by the person responsible.
          Status 03/2024